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From Shawn Heisey <>
Subject IVY-1388 still a problem
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2014 19:20:14 GMT
I've been hit by the symptoms of IVY-1388 multiple times since 2.3.0
came out.  The last was about ten minutes ago.

I started a build of the lucene-solr project, then realized I'd
specified an incorrect option, so I did ctrl-c, changed the option, and
tried again.  The new build hung at a "resolve:" phase.  After about
five minutes of hanging, I found a .lck file deep under ~/.ivy2, and as
soon as I removed it, the build proceeded.

I am about 99 percent certain that there are no jars on the system for
any ivy version other than 2.3.0.  Running "locate ivy*.jar" turned up
nothing, and I don't know of any way an incorrect version could have
gotten installed.  When the build is running, it does say that ivy is
version 2.3.0.

Should I file a new issue?  I can't re-open IVY-1388.

Side issue:  The directory listing timestamp on the .lck file was in
December 1969 (presumably an epoch date of zero), so I couldn't easily
confirm that the file was in fact created five minutes earlier.


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