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From Josh Suereth <>
Subject Re: [Ivy] Wrong resolution of maven artifacts and maven profiles/properties
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2014 11:24:07 GMT
On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 7:20 AM, Antoine Levy Lambert <>wrote:

> Hi,
> A maven pom file in one of the recursive dependencies of
> > "org.geotoolkit.pending" % "geotk-processing-core" % "4.0-M0"
> must refer to “org.opengis” “geoapi-pending” ${geoapi.version}
> This recursive dependency could be the following :
> Is it good process to create an artifact where the published pom contains
> a maven property rather than a clearly defined version number ?
I've heard so from many developers.  Usually the property is on a profile,
and you can "opt-in" to different universes of libraries via a
System.getProperty value.  This has led to issues with sbt + hadoop.

> You should refer to
> see what
you can do to provide this geoapi.version to the resolution
> process.
> I do not see anything obvious, maybe create a variable geoapi.version :=
> “some.version” in your build.sbt ?
> from this web page I infer that 3.0.0 is
> one of the possible values for this version of the org.opengis dependency.
We expose a `dependencyOverrides` setting that would hit the conflict
resolver, but I think that's too late in the resolution process (I've only
begun digging into the ResovleEngine code and I haven't gotten to
`fetchDependencies` yet).   Is there a way to feed these properties into
ivy so they get used?  If so, we can provide that API to our users.

- Josh

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