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From Sebastian Schuberth <>
Subject Transitive dependencies are not resolved from cache when offline
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2014 16:53:54 GMT

I'm trying to achieve the following behavior with Ivy 2.3.0 on
Windows: When I'm online, remote artifacts should be resolved from the
server and cached locally, but when I'm offline, artifacts should be
resolved from the cache (if they were previously cached). This
basically seems to work fine, except for transitive dependencies. That
is, when offline, I see all direct dependencies being resolved from my
local cache, but for transitive dependencies our Artifactory server is
being contacted (and the connection times out) although I can see
these dependencies in my ~/.ivy2/cache directory.

Any idea why the transitive dependencies are not resolved form the
cache although they are there? Can this by an issue with my
server-side ivy.xml file which defines the transitive dependencies?

I've also played around with "ant -Divy.cache.ttl.default=eternal",
and while this indeed also makes the transitive dependencies being
resolved from the cache, IIUC it will always use the cache even if I'm
online. But if I'm online, I'd like the server to be checked for a
newer artifacts again.

Thanks for any insights.

Sebastian Schuberth

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