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Subject Publishing into Nexus repository - metadata not updated
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 14:08:40 GMT

I have a Maven project which has a dependency on an ANT project (different svn repositories).

I usually package my Ant project, upload it manually into my Nexus repository and update my
pom with the new version number.
This ANT project can have a lot (like 10) releases a day and doing this process manually is
a mess.

I try to use Ivy for publishing this artifact into Nexus automatically and it works :)

The only problem is that maven-metadata.xml file in Nexus is not updated by Ivy when publishing
my jar, so my Maven project does not take the lastest release version.

Is there a way for Ivy to trigger an update of the maven-metadata.xml file into Nexus ? Or
is my publish process wrong ?

my publish target  : 

<ivy:publish resolver="nexus-deploy" revision="${artifact.version}" overwrite="false" artifactspattern="${dist.dir}/[artifact](-[classifier]).[ext]"

my resolver : 

<url name="nexus-deploy" m2compatible="true" >
<artifact pattern="${}/${ivy.pattern}"/>



(Sorry if make some english mistake, it's not my native language :[ )

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