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From rickbryant <>
Subject Artifactory Publish Failure
Date Wed, 12 Feb 2014 21:52:11 GMT
Ivy Users,

We recently completed integration of Ivy dependency management with our
legacy Ant build and all of our dependency retrieves (Maven formatted) from
our Artifactory repository work without issue. However, we have encountered
an odd issue with Ivy publish.

When publishing two separate artifacts in the same build, the first artifact
and its associated POM are published successfully. Then the second artifact
is published successfully but its associated POM is not published and the
build fails:
[ivy:publish] DEPRECATED: 'ivy.conf.file' is deprecated, use
'ivy.settings.file' instead
[ivy:publish] :: loading settings :: file =
[ivy:publish] :: publishing :: com.gxs.csr#
[ivy:publish]   published ICSServicesClient to
[ivy:publish]   published ICSServicesClient to
[ivy:publish]   published ICSServicesUtilities to

c:\Projects\CSR_trunk\Build\build2.xml:87: The following error occurred
while executing this line:
c:\Projects\CSR_trunk\Build\build2.xml:107: impossible to publish artifacts
for com.gxs.csr#;working@TN-BRYANTR2: PUT operation to
failed with status code 409: Conflict

Here's our Ivy publish task in our build.xml:
<ivy:publish resolver="artifactory-snapshot-uploads" overwrite="true"

Here's our publications segment in our ivy.xml (the two POM files are
created manually and have different content):
        <artifact name="ICSServicesClient" ext="jar" type="jar"/>
        <artifact name="ICSServicesClient" ext="pom" type="pom"/>
        <artifact name="ICSServicesUtilities" ext="jar" type="jar"/>
        <artifact name="ICSServicesUtilities" ext="pom" type="pom"/>

And here's the detailed error message from Artifactory:
Could not save resource
The target deployment path
does not match the POM's expected path prefix
'com/gxs/csr/ICSServicesClient/'. Please verify your POM
content for correctness and make sure the source path is a valid Maven
repository root path. Looks like it is expecting the path to be
ICSServiceClient not ICSServicesUtilities

We originally thought that Artifactory was causing this issue so we set up a
WebEx with JFrog. They recommended we disable POM validation on the
repository and then republish the artifacts. This time the two artifacts and
their associated POM files published successfully. However, when we looked
in Artifactory at the contents of the second POM file (ICSServicesUtilities)
it contained the same exact contents as the first POM file
(ICSServicesClient) which is incorrect. We did verify that the contents of
the two POM files we created had different contents so it appears that Ivy
changed the contents of the second POM file during publication.

Has anyone else encountered this issue before? Is it not possible to publish
two artifacts with Ivy to a Maven-based Artifactory repository that are
located in different paths (requiring different POM files)? For comparison
purposed we have successfully published these exact two artifacts and
associated POM files to this repository using Maven Ant Tasks but we woul
really prefer to use Ivy for publications if possible.


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