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From "KARR, DAVID" <>
Subject How to publish a directory tree, so it can be retrieved with the same structure?
Date Wed, 29 Jan 2014 22:32:21 GMT
I'm working on the same set of problems described in my earlier "How to publish additional
metadata ..." note.  I'd appreciate any responses with concrete examples to demonstrate how
I should do this.

At the conclusion of the build, I need to publish the entire contents of the "build" directory,
along with a properties file ("env/") that isn't generated by the build,
but which describes where the build product has to be installed before EAR assembly.  When
this "build" directory is eventually retrieved at some later time, that same structure needs
to be installed at the absolute path described by one of the properties in that "env/"

If it matters, the "build" directory contains four directories, two of which contains jar
files used for different purposes, one of which contains a directory that contains a text
file (special manifest file), and the last contains a directory tree of properties files.

The entire build will have several similarly structured modules.  I'm pretty sure the target
that does the "ivy:publish" can be defined in a "base" build script that all the module build
scripts import.

I imagine the "ivy.xml" for each module would have a "publications" element that specifies
the two (?) pieces that are being published, being the "build" directory and the "env/"
file.  I've never seen an example that publishes a directory, is that possible?  If not, then
I would guess that I'd have to specify more processing and detail in the "ivy:publish" target,
such that I would first zip up the "build" directory and the "env/" file
both into a zip file and publish that as the single artifact.  Is this more likely?

I've considered the fact that the "env/" file really only holds one property
(ok two, but I don't care about the other one).  It might make sense to instead define that
property value in "extra" attributes in the "ivy.xml" and drop the "env/"
file entirely.  However, that sort of combines two concerns, being the description of the
artifact and its dependencies, along with where the artifact gets installed to for EAR assembly.

One minor detail: I didn't see in the "publish" documentation how you specify where the "ivysettings.xml"
file is found.  Where is that specified for this?

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