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From opatry <>
Subject Ivy cache doesn't handling extra attributes as expected
Date Thu, 16 Jan 2014 15:38:27 GMT

I already found a similar question:

It's a pretty old question and has not so many answers (useful).

So to resume the issue:

let's say I have a first module defining 3 artifacts with the name/type/ext
but with an extra attribute named "os".

      <artifact type="lib" ext="zip" extra:os="windows" conf="windows"/>
      <artifact type="lib" ext="zip" extra:os="linux" conf="linux"/>
      <artifact type="lib" ext="zip" extra:os="mac" conf="mac"/>
      <artifact type="lib" ext="zip" extra:os="android" conf="android"/>

Now I have two modules that depend on this first one and express the
dependency to fetch only one of the published artifact (depending on the
targeted OS)

module 2:

      <dependency org="myteam" name="module1" rev="1.2.+">
      <artifact name="module1" type="lib" ext="zip" extra:os="ios" />

module 3:

      <dependency org="myteam" name="module1" rev="1.2.+">
      <artifact name="module1" type="lib" ext="zip" extra:os="android" />

The first resolve/retrieve gives me the expected publication, the ios one.
The second one tell me that everything goes fine and that is available but in fact, it has been resolved with
the one.

When I look at the Ivy (2.3.0) cache on my system, the repository layout
doesn't reflect the [os] attribute (the resolver I use do so). So there is
only one zip available in cache.

The resolved XML files looks good to me (myteam-module2-ios-default.xml,
myteam-module3-android.xml) even if the attribute is transformed as
extra-os="" instead of the XML namespace notation extra:os=""

It sounds like a bug to me, but maybe I'm not using the extra attributes
This SO question seems encouraging but…

I also have associated a conf to the publication (extra:os="android"
conf="android") of module1 and used them in module 2 and 3 (dependency…
conf="default->android") but nothing better here.

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