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From Kieran Shanley <>
Subject IvyDE and retrieving artefacts into project root
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2013 03:59:57 GMT
Hi Guys,

I have a problem that looks like an issue with IvyDE. When I perform a
retrieve I am getting the following error in eclipse:

Description    Resource    Path    Location    Type
Error while resolving dependencies for ivy.xml[*] in /EarProject
Path must include project and resource name: /EarProject    ivy.xml
/EarProject    Unknown    IvyDE Problem

More Detail follows:

When the problem occurs I am trying to retrieve the WAR file which is a
dependency for my EAR project. The project I am working is using JBOSS7.
The WAR file needs to be placed in the root of the EAR.

Here are the ivyDE preferences settings:

org.apache.ivyde.eclipse.standaloneretrieve=<?xml version\="1.0"
encoding\="UTF-8" standalone\="no"?><setuplist><setup
name\="JARDependencies"><ivyxml path\="ivy.xml"/><retrieve confs\="default"
pattern\="lib/[artifact].[ext]" sync\="true"
types\="jar,bundle"/></setup><setup name\="WARdependencies"><ivyxml
path\="ivy.xml"/><retrieve confs\="*" pattern\="/[artifact].[ext]"
sync\="false" types\="war"/></setup></setuplist>

The problem occurs when retrieving the "WARdependencies"

I grabbed a copy of the ivyDE code and had a look around. It seems the
trouble is that IvyDE assumes that all artifacts retrieved are stored in a
subdirectory of the project. After the retrieve is performed it attempts to
get a handle to the  "retrieveFolder" and schedule a refresh. In my case
the artifact is retrieved into the project root and the attempt to locate
the "retrieveFolder" fails.

Here is a snippet of code from

       String refreshPath = IvyPatternHelper.getTokenRoot(retrievePattern);

        int numberOfItemsRetrieved = ivy.retrieve(md.getModuleRevisionId(),
pattern, options);
        if (numberOfItemsRetrieved > 0) {
            // Only refresh if we actually retrieved a file.
            IFolder retrieveFolder =
project.getFolder(refreshPath);                            <==== this looks
to be the troublesome line in the case where the item has been retrieved
into the project's root dir
            RefreshFolderJob refreshFolderJob = new

In the case where an artifact is retrieved into the root of the project dir
the call to getFolder() causes the error seen. I think the code needs a
guard to check the refresh path and instead of trying to get a sub folder
maybe it should get a handle to the workspace root and perform a refresh
from there ???

I can't work around the problem by moving the WAR file to another location
as I can't get JBOSS to start successfully :( We would like to roll out the
move to JBOSS7 to other internal dev teams but we dont want a bunch of
other guys spending time on this issue. You can get round it by manually
refreshing the project and then performing another resolve to clear the
error from eclipse but thats pretty hacky.

Is anyone able to confirm my diagnosis and or produce a fix ?



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