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From "O. Olson" <>
Subject Ivy Dependency on another Module
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2013 16:52:58 GMT

            I am new to
Ivy and not too familiar with Ant, but I am learning ;-) 
I need to make changes/customizations
to the code of another project called Apache Solr (related to Apache Lucene).
These changes are hacks for my personal use and I am trying to get it to build.
Solr uses both Ant and Ivy to build. I originally mixed up my code into that of
Apache Solr, and it works i.e. builds and runs fine. I am now trying to extract
my code separately and I am facing problems building. Eclipse compiles the
complete modified project with the extracted code fine, however when I run the
Ant script to build, it runs into errors. I'd be grateful if anyone can help
To summarize the problem: 
Solr has a '/contrib' directory,
that has two directories '/contrib/velocity' and my changes/customizations in  '/contrib/mycustom'
The Ant
build script seems to go into each of the directories inside '/contrib' and
build each of them. I would like of a way to tell Ant that the '/contrib/velocity'
depends on the module '/contrib/mycustom'.   
I have '/contrib/mycustom/ivy.xml' as:
<ivy-module version="2.0">
organisation="" module="mycustom"/>
This compiles/builds.  
I also have modified '/contrib/velocity/ivy.xml'  to include a dependency to 'mycustom' as:
<ivy-module version="2.0">
organisation="org.apache.solr" module="velocity"/>
org="commons-beanutils" name="commons-beanutils"
rev="1.7.0" transitive="false"/>
org="commons-collections" name="commons-collections"
rev="3.2.1" transitive="false"/>
org="org.apache.velocity" name="velocity"
rev="1.7" transitive="false"/>
org="org.apache.velocity" name="velocity-tools"
rev="2.0" transitive="false"/>
org="com.howard.util" name="howard" rev="2.0"
/>  <!-- Added to dependency on
MyCustom -->
org="*" ext="*" matcher="regexp"
Question: What is the correct way to add the dependency from
module 'velocity' to module 'mycustom'?
I get the following error when I attempt to compile (solr-velocity).
::          UNRESOLVED
::;2.0: not found
I'd be grateful for any help.
Thank you,
O. O.

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