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From <>
Subject ivy:install
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 16:08:24 GMT
Hello there,

Is there a way to make ivy:install install transitive dependencies that are defined within
a private configuration?

Let me explain why I want this feature, or at least a way around the current behaviour.

Consider that I am developing a module.  It has several artefacts published via public configurations
and some private configurations which are used for dependency resolution as part of the build.
 Here is an example:

    <conf name="build" visibility="private"/>
    <conf name="docs"/>
    <conf name="binaries"/>
    <artifact name="readme" ext="txt" type="text" conf="docs"/>
    <artifact name="foo" ext="dll" type="library" conf="binaries"/>
    <dependency org="myorg" name="bar" rev="latest.integration">
      <conf name="build" mapped="libs"/>

So I use the build configuration to pull the libs configuration from the latest version of
the myorg#bar module.  This works fine for building the module.  However, sometimes I want
to develop my module while sitting on a plane with no access to my corporate Ivy repository,
the solution use ivy:install to create an "offline" repository on my laptop before I leave
the office.  However ivy:install does not want to pull dependencies for the private "build"
configuration which means the myorg#bar module is not installed.  Is there any way around
this other than change all my private configurations to public?


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