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From David Weintraub <>
Subject Bug in Ivy Report -- Ignores "outputpattern" parameter
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2013 17:20:11 GMT
I tried using <ivy:report> with the "outputpattern" parameter, but couldn't get it to

I believe (I'm not a developer) traced the error back to the source: src/java/org/apache/ivy/ant/
It looks like the program never checks for the outputpattern parameter. Instead, it looks
at the property "" and uses that. This property is set by default
when you use Ivy.

The only way I could change the name of ivy reports is to unset the property
and then set that property to the value I want. Unsetting it, and using the parameter "outputpattern"
doesn't work because src/java/org/apache/ivy/ant/ will set it to the "default"
if it isn't set.

In the end, changing the names of these reports failed to set the link names correctly. 

Either this error should be fixed, or the parameter undocumented.

David Weintraub

perl -e 'print "Just another second rate Perl Hacker\n";'

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