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From John McCarthy <>
Subject buildlist and properties in ivy files
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2013 22:26:02 GMT
Greetings.  I've recently become aware of the buildlist ant task and would
like to use it to simply my build process.  I starting prototyping but hit
a roadblock.  My ivy files have branch and revision information as
properties.  For example,
    <ivy-module ...>
  <info organisation="myOrg" module="moduleA" branch="${build.branch}"

When building and publishing, these properties are populated from a
properties file,  Because of this, buildlist doesn't work
for me, giving me warnings of the following form,
    [ivy:buildlist] WARN: Non matching revision detected when sorting.
 myOrg#moduleB depends on myOrg#moduleA#branchA;revA, doesn't match

I've used the Jenkins ivy plugin, and it allows for specifying a ivy
properties file.  I think I need the same option for buildlist.  Does a
mechanism exist for loading a properties file for ivy files found in
buildlist?  If not, do you think buildlist could benefit from such an
enhancement?  I believe it would solve my issue, but would it help others
enough to submit an enhancement request?  I was thinking another property
such as ivyproperties which specifies a properties file relative to found
ivy files.  I can look into this if it's the right track.

This leads me to another question: is using properties like this bad
practice (what do others do)?  I don't think I can easily incorporate
dynamic revisions, if that's what's typical, but I can look into it.

Thanks for the time and feedback,


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