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From "Sillence, Martin (GE Oil & Gas)" <>
Subject RE: Ivy in C/C++ environment
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 17:50:22 GMT

Not sure if this is useful but I've recently started using ivy on a c++
project - built with visual studio

We are using pre and post build scripts linked to ant tasks
My main issue was what to do about the fact that you have artefacts that
only differ in their extension, this is reasonably easy in ivy but we
are publishing to a maven repo and maven/nexus doesn't believe in such

What we've ended up doing is to map the extension into the org, a bit
ugly but it works and keeps everything happy.

<ivy-module version="2.0">
	<info organisation="com.orgName.exe" module="applicationName"
		<artifact name="applicationName " type="exe" ext="exe"/>
		<artifact name="applicationName" type="pom" ext="pom"/>

		<dependency org="com.orgName.lib" name="dependencyName"
rev="${dependencyName.revision }">
			<artifact name="dependencyName " type="lib"

The other thing is how to handle source publication/dependencies - we
just publish the headers in a zip file (zipping them up is part of the
publish task) and then unpack after retrieving them. We check if the
file is newer by creating a dummy file as a timestamp of the last
unpack. There may be a neater solutions for this...

To publish we found we needed the artefact and ivy file together so we
copy the artefact and similarly named ivy files to a publish folder. We
are using ant contrib so we can loop over the list of files to publish
e.g. for a dll there may be four artefacts: lib,dll,zip,pdb

Lastly make sure artefacts for debug, release, symbols (pdbs) all have
unique names - they didn't before.


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> From: Marcel Overdijk []
> Sent: 06 December 2012 16:15
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> Subject: Ivy in C/C++ environment
> I wonder if somebody has some pointers for using Ivy in a C/C++
> environment.
> a) how is dependency management done (e.g. using custom resolver?)
> b) how is building done (based on on de Ivy dependencies)
> I'm not looking for a complete solution, just wat to start a
discussion about
> possibilities or perhaps best practices from people already having
this set up.
> Unfortunately I can't find and information in the docs. Ivy is
> interesting as it is nog tight to Java dependency management.
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