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From marcdb <>
Subject Re: Publish task not consistently respecting extra attributes
Date Wed, 19 Dec 2012 08:50:50 GMT

I think that this is related to the fact that the actual value for that extra
attribute is only filled in at the moment when you do your ivy:publish (or
ivy:deliver). So at the moment when the publish is executed, the actual
value for this attribute is probably not known.

Maybe you can use the related ant property instead of the attribute itself
in your pattern:
* First run ivy:init in your build file, which should result in the setting
of the property ivy.extra.folderItegRev.
* Then you can use that in your pattern when publishing:
Alternatively, you could use directly your original property

I don't understand why the attribute folderItegRev was optional in your
pattern. Because you always set the property to "101" in your buildfile(or
maybe this was just for testing purposes ?). Anyhow, you could simulate in
ant this optional clause, using conditional statements, or by using the <if>
task from the ant-contrib package together with the <isset> condition.


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