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From Marcel Overdijk <>
Subject Resolving identical depedencies
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 14:30:03 GMT

When having dynamic properties in ivy.xml I wonder if it's possible to
guarantee that identical dependencies are resolved on different
systems/different builds.

E.g. dependency hibernate 3.6.+

Which version will be resolved now?

Does it check online what tha latest version is in the range, or does it
check if there is an compatible version available in the local Ivy repo?
And what if machine (A) has vesion 3.6.6 in it's local Ivy repo and machine
(B) has version 3.6.7?

A simple solution for this would be just defining a fixed version for the
hibernate dependency.

But..., this goes further if the dependency itself contains transitive
dependencies which has a dynamic version specified. 

If I look in the Ruby world there is Bundler which also support dynamic
depdencies and for the above problem they support the notion of lock files.
Even though the versions of dependecies (including transitive dependencies)
might be dynamic, you can make a kind of snapshot file (a lock) which
contains the exact dependency version. 

Is there something similar possible with Ivy? 

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