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From marcdb <>
Subject Re: returnFirst/latest="latest-time" not working
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2012 21:02:43 GMT

Probably the revision numbers in both your repositories are identical ?
When Ivy finds in the first repository a specific revision, I think that it
no longer analyse the same revision in your second repository.
This may seem strange, but you should know that Ivy relies very much
on the fact that revisions are unique in your repositories.

I see that you have set the attributes checkmodified="true" and
These settings may however not cover completely what you're trying to
* checkmodified=true: compares the lastmodified timestamp of the ivy.xml
with the one in your cache (but probably not with the ones in other
* latest="latest-time": uses the timestamp if the ivy.xml file to know what
revision to choose: I never used this myself, but I suppose this means that
a build with rev="1.0" and timestamp 20121210, will be selected above a
build with rev="1.1" and timestamp 20121209. It will however not force Ivy
to search in all repositories for th

My advice would be to use different revision numbers for your local repo and
for the central/remote ones.
For example for the local repo, you could take: X.Y.Z.LOCAL.SNAPSHOT, and
for the remote one you could use X.Y.Z.CENTRAL.SNAPSHOT.
The changingpattern in the definition of the resolver should stay
".*SNAPSHOT" however.
In your environment, I would keep the checkmodified=true attribute, but I
would not use the latest-time strategy.


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