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From Brian Feeny <>
Subject Ivy installation seems broke with JPackage ant
Date Tue, 13 Nov 2012 23:04:31 GMT
I am having an issue where it looks like Ivy will not work with the RPM version of Ant installed.

I searched the archives, and found the same problem going back to 2008.  I would hate to switch
off of the RPM version of Ant so I am hoping
someone here can help me with this issue.

I am using CentOS 6.3 with ant-1.7.1-13.el6.x86_64:

[root@hadoop01 hello-ivy]# yum info ant-1.7.1-13.el6.x86_64
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, presto
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
 * base:
 * extras:
 * updates:
Installed Packages
Name        : ant
Arch        : x86_64
Version     : 1.7.1
Release     : 13.el6
Size        : 7.5 M
Repo        : installed
>From repo   : base
Summary     : Ant build tool for java
URL         :
License     : ASL 2.0 and W3C
Description : Ant is a platform-independent build tool for java. It's used by apache
            : jakarta and xml projects.

Trying to build Ivy fails:

[root@hadoop01 hello-ivy]# ant
Buildfile: build.xml


/usr/local/apache-ivy-2.3.0-rc1/src/example/hello-ivy/build.xml:38: Problem: failed to create
task or type antlib:org.apache.ivy.ant:retrieve
Cause: The name is undefined.
Action: Check the spelling.
Action: Check that any custom tasks/types have been declared.
Action: Check that any <presetdef>/<macrodef> declarations have taken place.
No types or tasks have been defined in this namespace yet

This appears to be an antlib declaration. 
Action: Check that the implementing library exists in one of:
        -a directory added on the command line with the -lib argument

Total time: 0 seconds

It seems to be related to the /etc/ant.conf file installed by the RPM version of ANT:

[root@hadoop01 hello-ivy]# cat /etc/ant.conf 
# ant.conf (Ant 1.7.x)
# JPackage Project <>

# Validate --noconfig setting in case being invoked
# from pre Ant 1.6.x environment
if [ -z "$no_config" ] ; then

# Setup ant configuration
if $no_config ; then
  # Disable RPM layout
  # Use RPM layout

  # ANT_HOME for rpm layout

if I set --noconfig, everything works fine:

[root@hadoop01 hello-ivy]# ant --noconfig 
Buildfile: build.xml

[ivy:retrieve] :: Apache Ivy 2.3.0-rc1 - 20120416000235 :: ::
[ivy:retrieve] :: loading settings :: url = jar:file:/usr/share/ant/lib/ivy.jar!/org/apache/ivy/core/settings/ivysettings.xml
[ivy:retrieve] :: resolving dependencies :: org.apache#hello-ivy;working@localhost
[ivy:retrieve]  confs: [default]
[ivy:retrieve]  found commons-lang#commons-lang;2.0 in public
[ivy:retrieve]  found commons-cli#commons-cli;1.0 in public
[ivy:retrieve]  found commons-logging#commons-logging;1.0 in public
[ivy:retrieve] :: resolution report :: resolve 147ms :: artifacts dl 10ms
[ivy:retrieve]  :: evicted modules:
[ivy:retrieve]  commons-lang#commons-lang;1.0 by [commons-lang#commons-lang;2.0] in [default]
        |                  |            modules            ||   artifacts   |
        |       conf       | number| search|dwnlded|evicted|| number|dwnlded|
        |      default     |   4   |   0   |   0   |   1   ||   7   |   0   |
[ivy:retrieve] :: retrieving :: org.apache#hello-ivy
[ivy:retrieve]  confs: [default]
[ivy:retrieve]  0 artifacts copied, 7 already retrieved (0kB/5ms)

     [java] standard message : hello ivy !
     [java] capitalized by org.apache.commons.lang.WordUtils : Hello Ivy !

Total time: 0 seconds

Does anyone have any ideas? The closest info I could find which I did not totally understand
was here:

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