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From Alan Richardson <>
Subject Resolved dependency not copied from cache to lib directory
Date Wed, 03 Oct 2012 14:20:03 GMT
I am running an "ivy:retrieve" action (that triggers a resolve) in my
Ant build script but a file is not being copied to my "lib" directory.
The file in question is in an Artifactory repository and I know it is
newer than what I had previously retrieved. This particular repository
has all the revisions as the same (SNAPSHOT) so there are not multiple
versions for any given file; when files are published there, they are
overwritten. After I run the retrieve operation, I see that the file
in the cache is in fact the updated file from the repository. However,
it is not copied to my local "lib" directory.  I thought that perhaps
the lack of a difference in the revision might be confusing the issue
so I added the following to my Ivy settings file (and I have verified
that the settings file is actually being used).

   <latest-time />

I also have checkmodified="true"  specified on the resolver for that
repository. So far I have been unable to figure out what works; I must
be missing something. Can someone set me on the right path?


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