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From Arothian <>
Subject RE: Ivy Lock files and concurrent resolves
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2012 12:24:25 GMT


I'm sure that is the problem! I looked back and all of my stacktraces were
related to SimpleDateFormat in one way or another. I'm surprised I didn't
notice that sooner - oh well. I've updated to the latest nightly and things
have been smooth so far. Thanks for the help.


Wolfgang Frank wrote:
> Hi Kevin,
> I guess the first error is related to:
> I found this problem in our CI environment, when parsing in one VM
> multiple Ivy files at the same time. Should be solved in current ivy
> source.
> The second problem I only was faced with, when my java process crashed,
> as you describe it.
> Perhabs this helps
> Regards
> Wolfgang
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Kevin Formsma [] 
> Sent: Mittwoch, 26. September 2012 14:14
> To:
> Subject: Ivy Lock files and concurrent resolves
> Hello!
> I have a large complex build that I'm using Ivy to resolve dependencies
> for. Within a single build, there are concurrent ivy resolves taking
> place in separate modules due to the use of Ant's Parallel task. I've
> updated my cache to use the 'artifact-lock' strategy and I've also
> disabled the memory cache:
> <caches default="lockingcache">
>     <cache name="lockingcache" lockStrategy="artifact-lock"
> memorySize="0"/> </caches>
> I'm running into errors still when these resolves occur at the same
> time. I've seen two different errors:
> 1. java.lang.RuntimeException: problem during retrieve of
> organization#module: java.text.ParseException: failed to parse report:
> .ivy2/cache/xxxx-xxxx-provided.xml: For input string: ""
> 2. "impossible to acquire lock for XXXX" occurs because the .lck file
> doesn't get cleaned up. I'm not sure how to reproduce this every time,
> but it usually happens due to error #1. Manually deleting the lock file
> cleans this up. I'm thinking that since I'm running multiple resolves at
> once, if one of them fails due to #1, the others get killed by ant in
> leaving some lock files around.
> Any ideas on what to try? I don't believe I need separate resolution
> caches, because I'm not resolving the same module at the same time. It
> doesn't happen every build, but seems to be intermittent.
> Thanks!
> -Kevin

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