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From Kevin Formsma <>
Subject Ivy Lock files and concurrent resolves
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 12:14:06 GMT

I have a large complex build that I'm using Ivy to resolve dependencies for. Within a single
build, there are concurrent ivy resolves taking place in separate modules due to the use of
Ant's Parallel task. I've updated my cache to use the 'artifact-lock' strategy and I've also
disabled the memory cache:

<caches default="lockingcache">
    <cache name="lockingcache" lockStrategy="artifact-lock" memorySize="0"/>

I'm running into errors still when these resolves occur at the same time. I've seen two different

1. java.lang.RuntimeException: problem during retrieve of organization#module: java.text.ParseException:
failed to parse report: .ivy2/cache/xxxx-xxxx-provided.xml: For input string: ""
2. "impossible to acquire lock for XXXX" occurs because the .lck file doesn't get cleaned
up. I'm not sure how to reproduce this every time, but it usually happens due to error #1.
Manually deleting the lock file cleans this up. I'm thinking that since I'm running multiple
resolves at once, if one of them fails due to #1, the others get killed by ant in leaving
some lock files around.

Any ideas on what to try? I don't believe I need separate resolution caches, because I'm not
resolving the same module at the same time. It doesn't happen every build, but seems to be


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