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From wellgoonthen <>
Subject External vs. Internal dependencies
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 10:12:12 GMT


I'm currently doing some build doctor work on our system build.  I've done
quite a lot of work to implement a java incremental set up using uptodate
etc.  This is great and saves a lot of time/work.  The biggest issue is now
the ivy resolution.  To summarise we have two types dependencies that I

- External - junit, log4j etc.
- Internal - intra build module artifacts

Now I can easily skip the resolution of the external artifacts by checking
the "uptodateness" of the modules ivy.xml file to see if the version of
junit has been changed, or a new 3rd party lib added to that module.  The
issue I have is with the internal dependencies.

For example if my build consists of modules A -> B -> C, built in that
order.  I currently have to rely on ivy resolve to know if A's artifact has
been rebuilt which would therefore trigger a rebuild of B.  

To summarise I'm using ivy:resolve to do this and for one module that takes
a total of 11 seconds, 8 seconds is spent resolving stuff.

Does anyone have any ideas on this?

Many thanks

Richard Cole
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