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From ross crockett <>
Subject <ivy:retrieve> not finding ivysettings.xml configured in <ivy:settings>
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2012 04:10:44 GMT
I'm trying to run through the tutorials on Ivy and I'm currently up to the
"Adjust Default Settings" one (

This doesn't work for me, and it kind of prevents me from going further
without making changes to each project. Basically, the configuration to
change the ivysettings location isn't getting picked up it would seem, and
so it doesn't find the ivysettings file in ../settings.

Turning on the -verbose option of ant I get the following output:

No ivy:settings found for the default reference 'ivy.instance'.  A default
instance will be used
searching settings file: trying
searching settings file: trying
searching settings file: trying ivysettings.xml
searching settings file: trying ivyconf.xml
no settings file found, using default...
[ivy:retrieve] :: Ivy 2.0.0-beta1 - 20071206070608 :: ::
:: loading settings :: url =

Snippets from build.xml:

<!-- ivy properties used -->
<property name="ivy.settings.dir" value="../settings" />
<ivy:settings file="${ivy.settings.dir}/ivysettings.xml" />

Because this file isn't picked up, the resolver which points to the
directory within the chained-resolvers directory isn't configured and so
the dependency isn't found. If I drop the ivysettings.xml file into the
same directory as the build file then all is well, this defeats the purpose
of the tutorial however, and wouldn't be practical going forward in a real

How can I get my build to look for the ivysettings.xml in the ../settings


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