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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: OSGi feature and ivy configurations
Date Fri, 18 May 2012 07:25:28 GMT

Le 17 mai 2012 à 09:42, Borislav Kapukaranov a écrit :

>> Ivy configurations are quite liberal, there is no predefined Ivy configuration. In
Maven >there
>> are predefined configurations, that's why the rule you use work, as I guess you are
>> against a Maven repo. Then in the OSGi environment, there is some notion of >configuration,
>> but they completely different from the Maven ones [1].
>> I guess that if you want a configuration in the OSGi world that would look like the
>> one "compile", it would be the configuration "default".
>> Nicolas
>> [1]
> Hi Nicolas
> I'm resolving against an Ivy repo, not a Maven one. But I control this Ivy
> repo and have published dependencies there with the configurations I need.
> However I don't control the p2 repo.
> If I use the 'default' configuration Ivy says it is unknown and can't be
> extended. I tries extending it to match my current configuration
> definitions.
> Is the default configuration always available for dependencies pulled from
> p2 repos?

yes, the default is always available.

See the "Ivy configurations" paragraph:


> Best Regards
> Borislav
> On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 2:31 PM, Borislav Kapukaranov <
>> wrote:
>> Hello Ivy team,
>> I have a question about pulled down from p2 repositories dependencies and
>> ivy configurations.
>> I have an established build with Ant and Ivy which is set up against Ivy
>> repositories. I have configured a set of ivy configurations for my
>> dependencies and have published them in the repositories with these
>> configurations.
>> Now I saw the updatesite Ivy plugin and wanted to use it to pull
>> dependencies from p2 repositories. The trouble is these dependencies from
>> the p2 repositories came without Ivy configurations so I can't use them in
>> my current setup. I have a compile conf that makes sure I compile my
>> bundles only against dependencies marked with this compile configuration
>> therefore my p2 dependencies are ignored.
>> I wanted to ask how are dependencies from p2 repos meant to work with Ivy
>> configurations?
>> Best Regards,
>> Bobby

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