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From Vladimir Gubarkov <>
Subject Question on multi-module project and ivy local repository & cache
Date Sat, 05 May 2012 22:19:46 GMT
Hi, dear sirs

I'm working on moving a multi-module (some modules depend on others)
ant project to ivy dependency management.
I more-or-less managed to do that, however now I'm facing a problem.

What I'm doing to resolve dependencies among my own modules is

1) ivy:publish-ing my dependee modules to my local ivy repo (.ivy2/local) and
2) for the depender module I'm perfroming ivy:resolve & ivy:retrieve
to populate module lib folder with jars.

At stage 2) dependee module (pushed to local repo at stage 1)) is fetched.

Now to the problem: when I'm changing dependee
module/rebuild/republish to local repo I'm unable to make ivy at stage
2) replace dependee.jar at lib folder of depender module. It just keep
telling me

[ivy:retrieve]  0 artifacts copied, 25 already retrieved (0kB/16ms)

To make it clear, I'm not updating my revision version while deploying
the jar to local repo, maybe this is the problem. But I don't think it
is reasonable to update revision at every code change.

The problem seems to be that despite jar is updated in local
repository, it's not in cache!

So ivy:resolve doesn't want to update from local repo -> cache despite
file timestamp changed, and ivy:retrieve looks to cache hence not
seeing updated file.
I've tried use ivy:retrieve with overwriteMode="different" option, but
this did not help.

Please advise.

Sincerely yours,

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