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From Matt Hurne <>
Subject IvyDE seems to prefer artifacts in non-workspace-resolver over projects present in workspace
Date Mon, 14 May 2012 18:31:55 GMT
We are using Ivy to manage the dependencies of our projects on each
other, and we're planning to use IvyDE as well.  One of the resolvers
we have in our Ivy configuration is used to publish our build
artifacts to a local repository (with status "integration") so that
they are available when building the projects that depend on them.  In
a clean environment, this repository is initially empty.  If the local
repository is empty and we configure IvyDE to resolve dependencies in
the workspace, the projects do end up in the Ivy classpath containers
of the projects that depend on them as expected.  However, if we then
build and publish the projects to the local repository and then
perform a new resolve-all in Eclipse/IvyDE, the projects are removed
from the Ivy classpath containers and the artifacts in the local
repository take their places.

Is this behavior expected/correct?  Is there a way to ensure that
IvyDE will always put workspace projects in the classpath container
rather than artifacts with identical module revision IDs that exist in
one of our configured repositories?

If I were dealing with this type of scenario outside of Eclipse/IvyDE,
I would look at putting the resolvers into a chain and using the
"returnFirst" attribute to enforce a specific order.  That's
effectively what I'm looking to do with the workspace resolver.  Is
that possible?

Matt Hurne

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