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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: IvyDE workspace resolver & classpath container not playing well with AndroidDependencies classpath container...
Date Sat, 19 May 2012 10:30:03 GMT

Le 19 mai 2012 à 05:16, Brian Anderson a écrit :

> Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
>>> Another way would be to have the workspace resolver somehow inject an
>>> artifact from the workspace dependency that can be "retrieved" and copied
>>> via a retrieve pattern into the libs/ directory for the
>>> AndroidDependencies classpath container to pickup.
>> What would be that artifact ? There is no way to be sure how to package an
>> Eclipse project, some build is involved. IvyDE cannot do that either.
> The only thing I can think of is to somehow specify the artifact produced by
> the dependent workspace project that would be eligible to be retrieved by
> the retrieve pattern specified for the Ivy classpath container just as Ivy
> now does for artifacts retrieved from external repos.
> In a manner of speaking, whats missing is a way for the dependent workspace
> project to "publish" an artifact...that is publish in a way that the
> workspace resolver could pick it up and put it in the Ivy cache like other
> resolvers know how to do for external repo dependencies.
> Another idea is to somehow use a linked resource that the workspace resolver
> could use to identify the published artifact.  The dependent project would
> have to declare this in the Ivy classpath container configuration.
> Either way, this would allow the retrieve pattern specified for the Ivy
> classpath container in the project declaring the dependency to work
> transparently with artifacts gathered from artifacts/resources "published"
> by dependent workspace projects or external repos as they all would be in
> the Ivy cache so they can be "retrieved".
> The above might be specified as an alternative to placing the dependent
> projects on the Java Build path as the Ivy classpath container now does. 
> I'm assuming that the workspace resolver knows how to put references to
> dependent workspace projects into the Ivy classpath container...are these
> simply source references?  (Sorry, I'm not all that familiar with the inner
> workings of Eclipse.)

In Ivy every resolver manipulates artifacts. For every of them, artifacts are files, apart
from the workspace resolver where the artifacts are symbolic reference to the Eclipse project
in the workspace. IvyDE gather all the artifacts required with an Ivy resolve. Each time it
find a jar in the resolved files, it put it in the classpath container. Each time it finds
a project reference, it tells Eclipse to add a project to the classpath container.

What your asking here it to replace the symbolic reference of the project by the jar of that
project. But how would this jar be build ? There is no way IvyDE could do a such thing. It
would mean that each time you save a file in a dependent project, Eclipse compiles it, then
IvyDE would have to jar that project (I bypass here the question about what should be jared,
the tests classes ?), it would have to put that jar in a repository, trigger a resolved of
every dependent project, with the consequence of changing the classpath of every dependent
project which make Eclipse recompile everything. I don't think that's a good idea.


> Nicolas Lalevée wrote:
>>> I'm not clear what the kind of reference the workspace resolver injects
>>> into the Ivy classpath container.
>> IvyDE use the JDT API, it add a reference to the dependent project, just
>> like you would do manually in the "Java Build Path". It is then the
>> responsibility of the JDT to properly build the classpath with that.
>> I don't know the Android SDK, but isn't it possible to let the classpath
>> be managed by the IvyDE container ? Let you dependency be in the IvyDE
>> container and not in the Android container ?
> No, I don't think so.  Android SDK wants to manage the classpath for Android
> projects.  The AndroidDependencies classpath container is what the Android
> Eclipse plugin uses to satisfy external dependencies when it is building the
> Android project.  This is why I've had to specify retrieve patterns in my
> Android projects that copy dependent artifacts resolved from external repos
> into a location where the AndroidDependencies classpath container expects
> them to be (the libs/ directory) so the Android Eclipse plugin can build the
> Android project.
> Thanks for the answer!
> ba
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