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From Kirby Files <>
Subject Re: "Who depends on me" report
Date Fri, 04 May 2012 13:44:01 GMT
Denis Krizanovic wrote on 05/04/2012 01:10 AM:
> I don't know how to ask this question of the nabble archive.. So I'll ask
> here, without searching the archive.
> I want a report that shows me all the modules that depend on a particular
> module.
> My specific example, is I need to upgrade some mq libraries from 6.02 to 6.1
> How can I find which projects are using the 6.02 libraries?

The repreport task will generate a complete repository report. At the 
top level are your enterprise modules, but it also shows each 
individual dependency, with a Required-By section showing the module 
which depends on it, and the asked revision. I use the following ant 

  <target name="repreport" depends="cleancache">
     <ivy:repreport settingsRef="repreport.settings"
        organisation="com.masergy" />
     <scp file="ivy-repository-report.xml" 
          keyfile="ivysshkey.dsa" passphrase="xxxx" />

to build the report and SCP it to our server. I've attached the XSL 
file used to style the report, which I think I found in one of the 
jars, or in the source repository.

Kirby Files
Software Architect
Masergy Communications

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