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From Nicolas Lalevée <>
Subject Re: io problem while parsing ivy file. Path contains invalid character: ö
Date Sat, 28 Apr 2012 15:23:42 GMT

Le 27 avr. 2012 à 14:37, Daniel Bögner a écrit :

> I have a problem resolving some artifacts. This is a warning for one of
> these artifacts printed at build time:
> io problem while parsing ivy file:
> http://svnserver:38080/artifactory/libs-release/com/ocpsoft/prettyfaces-jsf2/3.3.3/prettyfaces-jsf2-3.3.3.pom:
> Path contains invalid character: ö
>        module not found: com.ocpsoft#prettyfaces-jsf2;3.3.3
> Facts:
> - OS: Win 7
> - IDE: Netbeans 7.0.1
> - Ivy: 2.2.0
> - There is an artifactory repository running at svnserver, thats why ivy
> tries to get the artifact from there.
> - The artifact is availible at this repository.
> - I deleted the pom.xml which is located at the url from the warning from
> the artifactory repository.
> Other developers from our team work with the same configuration without
> problems. There is only one other developer fighting the same problem like
> me. We both have the "invalid" character "ö" in our name, which is nothing
> special in Germany. At first I the projects I work on where stored inside
> my windows user directory. The same is true for the local ivy repository.
> So the path to those resources contained the "invalid character". It seems
> obvoius that this is part of the problem.
> I moved the projects and the repository localtions to a valid path. As far
> as I remember this made some of the problematic artifacts to be resolved
> successfully, but fact is that there are still some that don't work.
> To locate the local repository location I added these properties in
> netbean's ant configuration:
> ivy.local.default.root=C\:/Development/artifacts
> ivy.shared.default.root=C\:/Development/artifacts
> I can't see where exactly this invalid character is still comming from. I
> can't remember this problem to occur with eclipse any time. So maybe
> netbeans participates to this problem, too. There are still some
> configuration files of netbeans in the userDirectory/.netbeans directory.
> How can I fix or workaround this.

The reported error comes from xerces URI class. I tested with, it doesn't complain.
I don't know which is right.

I don't know how to get rid of xerces here (since it may be the xerces embedded in the jvm).
But your issue is probably due to the path to Ivy's cache, which by default is in your home
directory. A workaround is probably to change your ivysettings so every resolver cache and
artifact cache point elsewhere.


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