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From Jasper Floor <>
Subject ivy properties in ant
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:32:10 GMT
Hi All,

I tried the following in an otherwise empty task in a project where I
have ivy working for dependencies and publishing.

   <echo message="${ivy.revision}"/>
     [echo] ${ivy.revision}

Then I added a call to <ivy:settings>
     [echo] ${ivy.revision}

Then I added the echo to a publish task:
     [echo] 3.12.2

Which is what I expected.

So when and where are Ivy properties available in ant? The revision
number above is only defined in two places which Ivy could conceivably
look in. In fact that is already one place too many as far as I am
concerned. It has the information when it needs, but I just want to
understand what is going on.


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