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From Jasper Floor <>
Subject resolve different dependencies from different locations
Date Mon, 05 Mar 2012 15:40:45 GMT

While I'm sure someone must've had my question in the past I cannot
find any (satisfactory) answer.

Basically I have a project in which the dependencies may come from
different locations. Eventually everything will be handled by a
private internal repository but for now I'm still using public ones.
Also, I would like to be able to define them anyway just in case the
internal repository gets blown up by terrorist mice taking revenge for
their fallen comrades.

To simplify, lets say I have two depencies, A and B. A can be found on
the regular ibiblio repository while B can only be found on the Jboss
So I need A to resolve from ibiblio and B to resolve from the jboss nexus.

I could do this with a chained resolver except this feels messy to me.
I know that A will never resolve from jboss and I know that B will
never resolve from ibiblio. Is there anyway to link a dependency to a
specific resolver? Or will it always have to go through a chain?

thanks in advance.


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