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From marcdb <>
Subject Re: resolve different dependencies from different locations
Date Tue, 06 Mar 2012 07:24:24 GMT

You can specify in your ivysettings the resolver that should be used for each
For example:
  <module organisation="A" name="*" resolver="ibiblio-resolver" />
  <module organisation="B" name="*" resolver="jboss-resolver" />


M4N - Jasper Floor wrote:
> Hi,
> While I'm sure someone must've had my question in the past I cannot
> find any (satisfactory) answer.
> Basically I have a project in which the dependencies may come from
> different locations. Eventually everything will be handled by a
> private internal repository but for now I'm still using public ones.
> Also, I would like to be able to define them anyway just in case the
> internal repository gets blown up by terrorist mice taking revenge for
> their fallen comrades.
> To simplify, lets say I have two depencies, A and B. A can be found on
> the regular ibiblio repository while B can only be found on the Jboss
> Repository.
> So I need A to resolve from ibiblio and B to resolve from the jboss nexus.
> I could do this with a chained resolver except this feels messy to me.
> I know that A will never resolve from jboss and I know that B will
> never resolve from ibiblio. Is there anyway to link a dependency to a
> specific resolver? Or will it always have to go through a chain?
> thanks in advance.
> mvg,
> Jasper
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