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From Mansour Al Akeel <>
Subject Configuration mapping and maven transitive dependencies
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 12:29:19 GMT
I have this configurations:

   <configurations >
	<conf name="default" />
	<conf name="compile" extends="default" />
	<conf name="build" />
	<conf name="test" />

	<dependency org="org.apache.openjpa" name="openjpa-all" rev="2.1.1"
conf="default" />
	<!-- <dependency org="org.apache.ant" name="ant-junit" rev="1.8.2"
conf="*->plugin" /> -->

When I retrieve deps, I get only the specified dependency. However if
I remove the conf part, I get all transitive dependencies:
	<dependency org="org.apache.openjpa" name="openjpa-all" rev="2.1.1"  />

The problem, this will retrieve for all configurations.
The only option I found is to map default to "*" like this:
<dependency org="org.apache.openjpa" name="openjpa-all" rev="2.1.1"
conf="default->*" />

based on my understanding, this maps the current configuration in this
project (default), to "*" in maven !!
But how do I know what scope available in maven to properly map to.
For example conf="default->compile" wont work.
I thought maven default scope is compile !

Thank you.

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