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From Roger <>
Subject Re: What to do about a HUGE Ivy cache?
Date Sun, 12 Feb 2012 21:09:49 GMT
Just delete it and let it build up again. There's a good chance it has 
old versions of stuff no longer used if it has been up a while.
Obviously it will slow down a bit until the cache is built up and if 
you're pulling stuff from the net you just might find some stuff has 
moved or gone away and your cache has the only copy. So the smart thing 
is to point at a new empty cache, run it while you can still mine the 
cache for stuff if you need to, then just delete the old cache.
I tend to clear out my cache fairly often with no downside.


On 11/02/12 21:19, Craig Burlock wrote:
> Hello all,
> Our Continuous Integration Environment's Ivy Cache is becoming huge... and
> I mean HUGE.
> Has anyone else experienced this?
> Are there any recommended strategies for pruning or purging an Ivy cache?
> Should we just delete everything and let it start again?
> Any thoughts?

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