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Subject Re: ivy (2.3) and osgi
Date Fri, 27 Jan 2012 18:33:58 GMT
Hi richard
I set up a platform with about 350 bundles ...
I use plain ivy and I duplicated part from the meta information into bnd files to let ant
generate the bundles using bnd task...
It has some overhead but it s clean and works nice
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From: "Richard Mauri" <>
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2012 10:13:59 
To: <>
Subject: ivy (2.3) and osgi

Greetings, we are investigating alternatives to building osgi bundles
(and resolving/retrieving bundles for ease of copying to
virgo-tomcat/repository/usr) in an "ivy-first" approach.


I found the following docs which encourage me and I'd love to get
started with this and help if need be.


According to

So with a standard ivy.xml, you can express some dependency on some OSGi
bundle and every of their trasitive dependencies will be resolved. You
can also declare in your ivy.xml some OSGi dependency, like a
Require-Bundle, an Import-Package or an Import-Service, miming an OSGi


According to

In oder to produce OSGi metadata of suffient quality and to avoid
maintaining them manually, the bnd <>  tool
will be used. The approach taken is then an "Ivy file first" approach.
The dependencies will be specified in the ivy.xml file, the MANIFEST.MF
being generated from the computed classpath.


Then, on the other hand I see this support for manifest-first docs:

According to

there is early experimental work to map osgi manifest first to generated



since 2.3 Convert a MANIFEST.MF into an file


Sigh.. no mention of any sort of genbnd or genmanifest ant tasks


Can someone clarify encourage me and shed a timeline for if/when this
might be able to be used?


Can I getstarted now? Do I have to build ltest from src? Also the
quick-setup link to download the bnd file seems broken (no content) 







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