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From Adam Mlodzinski <>
Subject RE: Purpose of artifact ext attribute
Date Thu, 01 Dec 2011 20:46:15 GMT
> From: Mitch Gitman []

Thanks for the quick reply :) It looks like activity on this mailing list is slowing down

> You want the artifact's simple name and the extension separate because,
> for
> one thing, typically when you go to publish the artifact you'll be
> inserting the revision into the filename. The actual filename won't be
> foo.jar, it will be something like foo-1.0-20111201114253.jar.
> Your example of mystuff.tar.gz is a case of where you want
> ext="tar.gz".
> Then you can publish something like:
> mystuff-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz
> The "-SNAPSHOT" version suffix gets inserted now in the right place
> because
> the tar part is part of the extension.

I see. So, if I'm publishing files whose names do not include a revision, where the revision
information is managed by a separate repository manager (or is part of the publish-target
directory structure, for example), then I suppose the 'ext' setting could be optional.

Hmmm. Actually, I don't quite see. Are you saying that the ivy:publish task will modify the
name of the file that I publish? Or, is it that the revision value can be parsed from the
filename that I publish?
For example, if I publish a file in "builds/products/theproduct-1.0.0.exe" using an artifactspattern
of "builds/[type]s/[artifact]-[version].[ext]", then ivy-module:artifact restricts the match
to files ending with specified ext, specified artifact name and specified artifact type....
but don't I also have to specify version then, using e:version possibly? Or, will ivy match
the [version] for me and use that as metadata for the published archive?
I think I have to specify all parts of the artifact pattern, don't I? 

Would it be fair to say that the artifact 'name' corresponds to the 'revision-prefix', while
the 'ext' corresponds to the 'revision-suffix'? Well, except for the inability to control
the characters prepended and appended to the revision itself ('-' and '.', I presume).

I understand how type can be used to infer the ext, but since 'type' is not otherwise related,
I'd rather keep it out of this discussion as it merely adds confusion instead of helping.
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