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From Roger Parkinson <>
Subject Issue with getting sources displayed in Eclipse with ivyDE 2.1.0
Date Sun, 11 Dec 2011 22:12:09 GMT
I'm struggling with getting the source showing up for jar files I get 
via ivy.
This used to work on previous versions but not in my current version.
Current version:
ivy 2.2.0.final_20100923230623
eclipse Indigo 3.7 20110916-0149

When I expand the ivy entry in my project and attempt to open a class in 
one of the jar files I see
"The JAR of this class file belongs to container 'ivy.xml[test]' which 
does not allow modifications to source attachments on its entries."

This used to have an 'attach source' button on it and I could pick the 
But I don't mind that, I'm happy to use the source passed through ivy. I 
can see it in the ivy cache, but that source doesn't show either.

The previous version where this all worked for me was:
ivy 2.1.0
ivyDE 2.0.0
eclipse Helios (3.6.1)

I can't see anything in the issues logs but I suspect this is just a 
change in setup that I haven't found yet.
in my ivyDE settings (ivyDE managed Libraries dialog) I have not changed 
the Retrieve and Advanced settings, leaving them at defaults.
I specify the ivy.xml and a conf in the Main tab and my Settings tab 
refers to a local ivysettings.xml.
The ivysettings file has the resolvers entry:
<chain name="libraries">
<packager name="roundup" buildRoot="${user.home}/.ivy2/packager/build" 

my ivy.xml file has dependencies that look like this:
<dependency org="" name="maduradocs" rev="5.0.4" 
<dependency org="" name="madura-objects" rev="1.7.rc25" 
<dependency org="" name="madura-objects" rev="1.7.rc25" 
<dependency org="" name="maduraconfiguration" rev="3.2" 
<exclude org="avalon-framework" ext="jar"/>
<exclude org="logkit" ext="jar"/>
<exclude org="javax.servlet" ext="jar"/>
<!-- <exclude org="*" ext="*" type="source"/>-->
<exclude org="*" ext="*" type="javadoc"/>

Notice I am not excluding the source though I am excluding the javadoc. 
If I remove the javadoc exclude I get an error which I don't care about 
but it might be relevant to the source issue.

Any clues?

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