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From David Goblirsch <>
Subject Re: Advice for managing large-scale OSGI repository for data analysis
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2011 20:38:01 GMT
Marcel Bruch wrote:
> Hi ivy-users,
> we are currently setting up a large code repository for OSGI bundles. Goal of this work
is to create recommendations models for Eclipse Code Recommenders intelligent code completion,
code search, and extdocs platform (see and
for details). The OSGI bundles will be collected from public available Eclipse Update Sites
and should be stored locally using a Maven/Ivy like directory structure. After the sites have
been copied, several analyses will be run to extract information such as frequent usage patterns,
common code snippets etc.
> I just learned that since 2.3. Ivy has support for dealing with OSGI dependencies such
as import packages etc. which is really big news! Since documentation is a bit rare yet, I'd
like to ask you for little information what can be done with Ivy 2.3:
> 1. Is it supported to copy/mirror an Eclipse P2 repository into a local Ivy repository?
> 2. Is there a simply way to create an Ivy file from an existing OSGI-bundle manifest?
> 3. How well is resolving OSGI dependencies supported? Are there any known limitations
I should be aware?
> Thanks a lot,
> Marcel

is there a release plan for ivy 2.3 ? IvyDE 2.2 ?

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