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From Tarantula <>
Subject Ivy transitive dependencies question
Date Mon, 26 Sep 2011 03:29:43 GMT


I am trying to run a Java application using Ant and Ivy as follows:


<project ...>

   <target name="run">
      <ivy:configure file="./ivy-settings.xml" />
      <ivy:resolve conf="default" />    
      <ivy:cachepath conf="default" pathId="run.classpath" />
      <java classname="Foo" ... />


In my application I have the following modules:

Module A (ivy.xml)

    <dependency org="myorg" name="module-B" transitive="true"  />

Module B (ivy.xml)

    <dependency org="commons-lang" name="commons-lang" rev="2.4"
transitive="false" />
    <dependency org="org.springframework" name="spring-beans"
rev="3.0.6.RELEASE" transitive="false" conf="*->master" />

When I try to run the application with "ant run", I am expecting Ivy to add
the following jars to the classpath:


However, apparently Ivy is trying to include the above 3 dependencies as
well as all the dependencies of the spring-beans module (and other
third-party modules not listed above). 

The list of transitive dependencies is extensive and trying to resolve these
adds a lot of unnecessary overhead to my build process.

I do not want to include those dependencies on my classpath, and I do not
want Ivy to try to resolve them. I simply want Ivy to include the modules
that have transitive="true" to my classpath, but not their transitive

Would someone please let me know if/how this can be accomplished?

Many thanks.
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