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From zharvey <>
Subject Re: ivy:publish vs publications
Date Thu, 15 Sep 2011 13:20:59 GMT


Wow - thanks for such a thorough answer! I'm still not seeing the blatent
connection between the publications tag and my ivy:publish task though.  Say
I change my ivy.xml:

<publications defaultconf="publish">
    <artifact name="MyModule"/>

This just tells Ivy that I've got something to publish called MyModule.  But
where do I tell Ivy that MyModule is actually located at
workspace\MyProject\dist\MyModule-1.0.jar and that I want to publish it to
my pubRepo repository when I run ivy:publish? I know what you're saying is
correct, I'm just having trouble connecting all the dots.

Alan Chaney-2 wrote:
> On 9/15/2011 5:58 AM, zharvey wrote:
>> (1) What is is the difference between the ivy:publish task called from
>> the
>> ant buildscript, and the "publications" element defined in the ivy.xml
>> file
>> ("module descriptor")? According to the docs, the publications element is
>> used to "declare artifacts to be published", whereas the ivy:publish task
>> actually publishes artifacts. But how are these two connected?
> Well, the way I see it, the publications element is a definition of what 
> you want published and the Ivy publish task
> reads the definition and does what you ask.
>>   Can they
>> conflict with one another?
> Following my definition above, they can't "conflict with each other" 
> because they are two different aspects of the same concept.
>> If they are connected, what are the best
>> practices for making them work nicely with one another? For example,
>> here's
>> what I have so far:
> They are indeed connected because the ivy.xml publications element tells 
> the ivy:publish task what to do.
>> ivy.xml
>> =====
>> <publications defaultconf="publish">
>>      <artifact name="[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"/>
>> </publications>
>> build.xml
>> ======
>> <target name="publish">
>>      <ivy:publish>
>>          <artifacts pattern="dist/[artifact]-[revision].[ext]"/>
>>      </ivy:publish>
>> </target>
>> Am I doing it right?!?
> See 
> specifically, 
> under 'Attributes'
> name the name of the published artifact. This name must not include 
> revision.
> The name of the artifact should be something meaningful, like your 
> project name - see the examples in the section above
> As far as your ivy:publish target goes, there is a required attribute - 
> 'resolver' but normally I find that I need to specify the pubrevision as 
> well.
> See examples in: 
> But, I wouldn't class myself as an "expert" on Ivy - I just use it a 
> lot. I find the best approach is to read the documentation *very* 
> carefully, and then take the examples and tweak them to do what I need. 
> Ivy is a very powerful beast but there are a number of traps for the
> unwary.
> Alan

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