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From zharvey <>
Subject Why is Ivy using my machine's name as a revision?
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2011 19:42:21 GMT

I'm using a URL resolver so Ivy looks to a local web server (authenticated)
to find artifacts. Since I'm new to Ivy, I might have made a few bold
assumptions, but I've organized that HTTP server (Apache HTTPD) as follows:

>> ivyrepo/
>>>> artifacts/
>>>> module_descriptors/

As you can see the ivy repository has two subdirectories: artifacts and
module_descriptors. So if I have a JAR, say, MyJar-1.3.5.jar, the JAR would
go into the artifacts/ directory, whereas its corresponding module
descriptor, MyJar-1.3.5-ivy.xml, would go into the module_descriptors
directory.  That way artifacts and their descriptors are separated.

One of the bol assumptions I've made here is: since Ivy ships with so many
default settings, if Ivy can't find an artifact's module descriptor (such as
MyJar-1.3.5-ivy.xml), then it configures itself to use default settings
(defaults, configurations, etc.) for that JAR. Can someone confirm or
clarify this, as a "side question"?

The actual problem I'me having is this: when I run the ivy:resolve task, Ivy
is correctlt fetching all of my artifacts, but none of my "modules" (I
assume that means "module descriptors"?!?). I get several warnings and
finally a build exception (ParseException) with a bizarro error message:

[ivy:resolve] :: apache#commons-cli;1.2: java.text.ParseException:
inconsistent module descriptor file found in
'http://my-web-server/ivyrepo/artifacts/apache/commons-cli-1.2-ivy.xml': bad
revision: expected='1.2' found='working@MyComputerName'; 

Where MyComputerName is the actual name of my machine....

So it seems to be grabbing some environmental variable (somehow) that
contains the name of my machine and using that name as a revision number for
the first dependency in my project's module descriptor (the Apache Commons
CLI lib).

Anybody have any ideas as to why this is happening, and more importantly,
how to fix it?  Any help or nudges in the right direction are enormously
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