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From teknokrat <>
Subject how to use namespaces
Date Mon, 08 Aug 2011 09:37:07 GMT
I am trying to figure out namespace support in Ivy. We have the following issue.
We use 3rd party C++ libraries that we place in our repository (nexus). The
problem is that these libraries all have names like libsomething-c++ and nexus
won't allow characters like '+' in artifact names. As such we have to store them
as libsomething-cpp.

I was hoping that namespaces in Ivy would allow us to convert from one name to
the other. That is to say, I want the following dependency in my Ivy file:

<dependency org="org" name="libsomething-c++" rev="1.0" >
    <artifact name="libsomething-c++" e:classifier="linux" ext="so" type="bin" />

And have Ivy automatically get libsomething-cpp from the repository and
translate it to libsomething-c++. I tried the following in my settings file

  <namespace name="c++">
	   <src module="libsomething\-c\+\+"/>
	   <dest module="libsomething-cpp"/>
	  <src module="libsomething\-cpp"/>
	  <dest module="libsomething-c++"/>			

But this didn't work. Can anyone tell me if this is possible?


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