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From Frank Wilson <>
Subject Re: avoiding unnecessary ivy:resolve invocations
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 12:55:10 GMT
Sorry I meant to link to the issue. Here is the link:

I skimmed/traced through the code myself. I found a method called
on line 177 in the file the
orgAndModSetManually boolean
is checked and if it is true ivy seems to to skip over dependency
resolutions, even
though there is nothing in the ivy cache. It seems to me this check
could be more
thorough (checking that there is an entry in the cache, for instance)
or perhaps
ensureResolved() should not be skipped and it should be more "lazy".

Here's the bit code:

171             Message.debug("using standard ensure resolved");
173             // if the organization and module has been manually
specified, we'll reuse the resolved
174             // data from another build (there is no way to know
which configurations were resolved
175             // there (TODO: maybe we can check which reports exist
and extract the configurations
176             // from these report names?)
177             if (!orgAndModSetManually) {
178                 ensureResolved(settings);
179             }

Hope this helps.



> I don't think it has been addressed. This is a feature I'm interested in too. For some
other project I have done some work around with my custom implemented Ant task. If you could
find that jira issue, I may look to into it (if you don't find it, you're welcomed to open
a new one).
> Nicolas

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