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From Kent Rosenkoetter <>
Subject Re: what in the world is happening here?
Date Mon, 22 Aug 2011 17:15:12 GMT
For a dependency declaration, you only declare the dependency itself and
an optional configuration mapping.  Do not declare the artifacts of your
dependency.  And make sure that "default" matches a configuration name in
your module.

If you declare a module named "MyLib" with configurations "runtime" and
"build", then to depend on it you would need:
	<dependency name="MyLib" rev="latest.integration" conf="*->runtime"/>

The "*" matches configurations in the module that depends on MyLib.  The
"runtime" matches a configuration in MyLib itself.


On 8/22/11 9:47 AM, "teknokrat" <> wrote:

>I'm really confused with Ivy's behaviour. I can't seem to get it to update
>everything. I publish several artifacts to the repository using:
>	<publications>
>		<artifact/>
>		<artifact type="pom" ext="pom"/>
>		<artifact type="config" ext="jar" e:classifier="config"/>
>	</publications>
>This works fine and I get module-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar,
>module-1.0-SNAPSHOT.pom and
>module-1.0-SNAPSHOT-config.jar in the repository.
>However, when I define my dependencies like so
><dependency name="module" rev="latest.integration" conf="config->default"
>	<artifact name="module" type="config" e:classifier="config" ext="jar"/>
>Ivy never updates the config jar. I have used a sniffer and while Ivy
>gets the
>POM from the repository (which is Nexus) it never bothers to downloaded
>updated module-1.0-SNAPSHOT-config.jar
>what could possible be going on here??

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