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From Marcel Bruch <>
Subject Re: Advice for managing large-scale OSGI repository for data analysis
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 06:19:02 GMT

On 29.08.2011, at 23:25, Nicolas Lalevée wrote:

>> 1. Is it supported to copy/mirror an Eclipse P2 repository into a local Ivy repository?
> I have successfully made Ivy read a Eclipse P2 repository in order to download its jars,
like any other jar repository, but nothing more. The pieces should be there to do the complete
copy chain though.

I'm quite unexperienced with Ivy's Java APIs. Thus, may anybody confirm that this solution
is the way to go?

So far, I've create a repository descriptor from an upate-site URL, saved the ivy descriptor
to disc (not really needed I guess), and manually downloaded the jar file to local disc:

RepoDescriptor repo = loadRepositoryDescriptor(url).get();

for (final ModuleDescriptor module : (Set<ModuleDescriptor>){
  // save the ivy descriptor of the osgi bundle:
  File ivyFile = File.createTempFile(module.getModuleRevisionId().getName() + "_tmp_", ".xml");

  // download each artifact:
  for (final Artifact artifact : module.getAllArtifacts()) {

    // the url returned by the artifact always starts with "file:http://", is this ok?
    URL artifactUrl = new URL(artifact.getUrl().toExternalForm().replace("file:", ""));
    File createTempFile = File.createTempFile("temp", ".jar");

    // download the jar to local disc
    FileUtil.copy(artifactUrl, createTempFile, new CopyProgressListener() { ... }

    // install somehow into a local ivy repository. How is this done?
    // Are there any code examples? Which Method is relevant for doing this?


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