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From Shawn Castrianni <>
Subject RE: C, C# and Ivy - Publishing binaries and many supporting files
Date Thu, 07 Jul 2011 16:00:38 GMT
I publish the binary library and a zip of include files.  In my ANT script, I have a dependencies.process
target that runs after my dependencies.resolve and dependencies.retrieve to post process the
downloaded dependencies.  I look for any files and auto-explode them back into
individual files so the end user doesn't have to.  However, this assumes your end users are
running your ANT script and that you are not just publishing to a common IVY repo for anyone
in the world to use.  I use IVY in a corporate setting so I can control everything including
the ANT scripts that the employees use which has my post process target.

Shawn Castrianni

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From: Peter Kahn [] 
Sent: Thursday, July 07, 2011 10:56 AM
Subject: C, C# and Ivy - Publishing binaries and many supporting files

Hi all,

How do you approach publishing a binary library plus a large number of
supporting files?   Specifically, we have a build that produces a binary DLL
+ many include files.  I'd like to know what's the standard practice and
what are the gotchas.

I can publish the DLL and a zip containing the include files which forces subscribers to retrieve
and unpack prior to build I can publish the DLL and a lose directory of files but I'm concerned
about effort required to maintain this over time
 - do I need to reference each file as a publishable/retrieveable artifact?
 - do I run into a risk of stale files being used by subscribe builds (foo.h is deleted and
published, but foo.h remains on the subscriber build workspace even after retrieve)

What approach do you take to keep effort and cleanup risks low?



Peter Kahn
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