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From Tim Brown <>
Subject Re: Prevent publish of duplicate object
Date Mon, 18 Jul 2011 19:54:55 GMT
The last time I approached this problem I did the following:
- Versioned my artifacts to reflect their version in SCM (Svn revision
# in this case)
- Used ivy:findrevision to determine if the current artifact was in my Repo

I only published if the artifact wasn't in the repo, and if it wasn't
a "container" artifact. i.e. - if it's a WAR which contains jars, I
published it each time.



On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 12:43 PM, Shaka Tard <> wrote:
> Hi.  I'm using Nexus Artifact Repository with IVY and ANT, and I like it
> very much.
> I have Hudson building my artifacts on a regular basis, even if the source
> code hasn't changed on these applications at all.  I do this to ensure that
> the thing is building and working properly, and also to integrate the latest
> revisions of libraries to ensure that a new library revision builds and
> integrates with my builds.  I use this as my proverbial canary in the coal
> mine, and it let's me know when something new is breaking my codebase.
> However, my libraries don't change too often, and that's not the source of
> my problem.  My problem is what happens when the builds are identical.
> I auto-increment my build number using ivy:buildnumber.  My biggest concern
> at the moment is that my ANT script publishes the artifacts regardless of
> whether the latest artifact is identical to the one produced yesterday.
> This means I could have hundreds of revisions cluttering up Nexus when my
> continuous integration is running, and I don't want to continue to let that
> happen.  I could make publishing a manual affair, but I'd rather not do that
> too, if it can be avoided.
> I know that the artifacts are stored with their checksum.  I could build
> another ivy.xml file, and set the artifact as a dependency, resolve it, and
> then using ANT I could determine whether the file is identical or not, and
> prevent the publish that way.  That, however, seems to be a lot of work, and
> I decided to write to this user group to see if there were any better ways
> to accomplish this task.
> Thanks much in advance,
> Shaka

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