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From "David Sills" <>
Subject Question about excludes
Date Wed, 27 Jul 2011 11:17:06 GMT

I have a project that has a dependency on slf4j. I'm generally using
1.6.1 (with my own patch to fix a bug), but one of my dependencies has a
transitive dependency on 1.5.6. I cannot figure out how to get rid of
this JAR file in the ivyIDE container. I am trying this:

<exclude org="org.slf4j" module="com.springsource.slf4j.api"
artifact="com.springsource.slf4j.api-1.5.6.jar" matcher="exact"/>

The org and module correspond exactly to how the offending JAR file is
stored in my repository. I know I have to be missing something, but I
simply can't see it. Does anyone?

I have tried:

<exclude org="org.slf4j" module="com.springsource.slf4j.api"/>

But of course that removes all versions of the JAR file, even the one I
want to keep. Can someone explain why there is not a "rev" attribute in
the exclude element? It would seem logical - don't take this revision of
the library.


David Sills

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