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From Tim Brown <>
Subject Re: container supplied jars excluded in ivy
Date Sun, 24 Jul 2011 16:51:28 GMT
Hi Steve,

I use confs to do this too, but flipped from what you show below.

- runtime; everything that belongs in the war
- compile; extends runtime and adds compile time deps
- test; extends compile and adds test time deps

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On Jul 24, 2011, at 8:12 AM, Steve Prior <> wrote:

> I'm using Ivy to build libraries which can either be used from the command line or incorporated
into a webapp in a container such as Tomcat and am trying to find an intelligent way to handle
dependencies which need to be excluded from the generated war file because they are supplied
with Tomcat itself.
> Example:
> I've got project someLib which interacts with a MySQL database so it has a dependency
on the mysql java connector for the case when I launch a main program in the library for command
line use.
> I've also got project someWebApp which adds a web UI on top of the someLib functionality.
 Since my standard Tomcat installation manages the MySQL database connection the mysql java
connector should not be built into the war file deployed to Tomcat.  Also, while I need the
servlet library to be able to compile my webapp, I certainly should not include that in the
built war file under any circumstances.
> It occurs to me that which jars are installed standard on the servers is a site wide
configuration and shouldn't really be the concern of the individual projects.  I was thinking
of defining a war configuration which extends the runtime configuration, but then excludes
the artifacts which should not be built in.
> Something along the general idea of this (though I don't know yet if placing excludes
is allowed here:
> <configurations
>    confmappingoverride="true"
>    defaultconfmapping="compile->compile(default);
>                        runtime->runtime(default)"
>    >
>    <conf name="runtime" extends="compile" />
>    <conf name="war" extends = "runtime" >
>       <exclude org="com.mysql" name="mysql-connector-java" />
>    </conf>
> </configurations>
> I've gotta believe I'm not the first person to want to do this, are there any best practices
out there?  Do I appear to be heading in the right direction?
> Thanks
> Steve

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