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From marcdb <>
Subject defaultconf attribute in dependencies
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2011 10:02:32 GMT

We are using ivy 2.2.0 with ant 1.8.2 on Windows XP.

In the ivy.xml file of a module, I have the following configurations and

      <conf name="compile"/>
      <conf name="test" extends="compile" />
      <conf name="rad" />
      <conf name="ear" />
      <conf name="wsdl"/>
    <dependencies defaultconfmapping="* -> #" defaultconf="*,!wsdl" >
        <dependency org="org1" name="mod1" conf="wsdl -> conf1"
rev="latest.integration" />
        <dependency org="org1" name="mod2" rev="latest.integration" />
mod1 and mod2 have the same configurations as the parent module above.
In the build file, I do the following to resolve and retrieve the artifacts
for this parent module:

            <ivy:resolve conf="ear" />
pattern="${}/[artifact].[ext]" sync="true"
			<ivy:report conf="ear" ... />

It seems that for modules such as mod2, I retrieve artifacts from all
configurations (except the conf "wsdl") and not just the ear-configuration.
The attribute "defaultconf" seems to be responsible for that.
This can also be seen in the output of ivy:report.
For mod2, I can see that it returns the following configurations:
Configurations:	test, compile, rad, ear, *

I expected that if I resolve for configuration "ear" that I would only get
the artifacts for configuration "ear", and that the 
defaulfconf-attribute is irrelevant for this operation. Is my assumption
correct and is this a bug ? Or am I missing something with this defaultconf
attribute. In that case, could somebody explain.
I introduced the defaultconf attribute because not all our modules have the
configuration wsdl which I defined recently (example mod2 above). Using
defaultconf this way, removes the error when resolving for wsdl, but creates
this side-effect for configuration "ear".

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