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From 李超 <>
Subject How to define dependency in development stage?
Date Fri, 03 Jun 2011 03:29:41 GMT
Hi guys,

I'm developing two projects A and B. Project A depends on B, and B 
depends on some 3rd libs. The dependency definition in the ivy file of 
project A is:
<dependency org="..." name="B" rev="..." 
conf="compile->master,test,compile" changing="true"/>

Now I'm adding some new features to B and test these features with 
testcases in project A. Every time when I test the modified source codes 
of B, I have to do the following things:
1. run the build.xml of B, to publish jar file of B to repository;
2. resolve the ivy file of A to refresh the jar file of B;
3. run the testcase to verify or debug the modification.

For frequent modification of B, the test process becomes very 
time-consuming. So my solution is:
Step 1: Comment out the dependency to B in ivy.xml of A;
Step 2: Add project B in A's build path(in Eclipse);
Step 3: Copy all dependencies of B to ivy.xml of A;
Step 4: When all features are tested, recover all the modification in 
ivy file to origin state.

But this solution has a big problem. If some colleagues unintentionally 
commit these temporary ivy files into svn, they will replace the right 
ivy files when other colleagues update their codes and eventually lead 
some underlying errors.

So if there is a better solution to this problem?
Thanks a lot!

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